Client Reviews

The Best Attorney I Have Ever Met

She is the best attorney I have ever met. From the beginning to end of my case, she made made everything very easy for us. In fact she did most of our part of arranging documents by herself. On every step she made sure that everything was correct and up to date. She is an excellent attorney and an expert in her field.

If I could.. I would have given her 10 stars.

- (5 star review)

Simply Outstanding

I was referred to Alison Yew by another lawyer and I couldn’t be more grateful. She met with my husband and I when we needed help with his work based visa (L1/L2). Right away, it was obvious to us that she was going to be able to help us with our case. We didn’t even have to consider seeking an advice from another immigration lawyer. She is extremely professional and knows the ins and outs of immigration law. Her approach is very comforting and she has a way of putting you at ease in a very caring way. You just know that she’s going to fight your case no matter what. Later, I’ve needed help with couple other immigration related questions and she’s always been quick to respond and help me out. She’s also helped me with other law related issues by referring me to some really good attorneys. She has really good ties in the law community. I would recommend her to anyone seeking help with business visas or any other type of immigration related issues. Her expertise and services are simply outstanding.

- (5 star review)

A Phenomenal Lawyer.

Alison is a phenomenal lawyer. She deserves to be praised for her passion and thoughtfulness:

This review is LONG over due. I approached Alison for my sister’s citizenship. My sister had some complications with her immigrations process and we were looking for an experienced lawyer who could help us understand and face neutralization process.

Alison was a pleasure to work with from the get go. From the start to the end, she was a delight and made the process very simple and easy for us.

Because I live in SF and my sister lives in south bay, we couldn’t manage to come up with a time to meet that worked for everyone. Alison communicated to us through email and was constantly in touch with us. She kept us in the loop and kept us updated through out the process. The icing on the cake is her immigration fees. She is very very reasonable and upfront about what to expect. She delivers what she signs up for. Our family is extremely impressed by Alison’s work ethics, professionalism and communication style.

Alison even went out of her way to help my sister and gave recommendations for some of the things that she doesn’t handle at her office. All in all, our experience with Alison has been outstanding. If ever needed, I would come back to Alison for any immigration/law related work.  Thank you Alison for being so honest, approachable and pleasant to work with.

- (5 star review)

Alison Yew is a SUPER STAR attorney

I cannot recommend Alison Yew’s talent and expertise highly enough. She is simply one of the very best lawyers you could ever be fortunate enough to have chosen, and you can wholeheartedly feel assured that once you have chosen Alison as your attorney, you will feel 100% confident that she will move heaven and earth to see your case through with no stone left unturned. Her diligence, perseverance, and detailed knowledge about my case was stellar and impressed me over and over, time and time again. I know of no other person I would have entrusted to have helped me through the extremely stressful and difficult time my legal case presented to me.

Although my situation was outside of her normal focus, which is immigration, and had to do with an unlawful rental situation I was involved with as a plaintiff, she heroically offered to take my case on a contingency basis, allowing me to pursue a legal course of remediation I otherwise would not have had the means to pursue. She came to me as the guardian angel she in fact IS, offering to help me, and she saw me through to the very end. I can never thank Alison enough.

Again, her knowledge and persistence, her invaluable assertiveness, timeliness, and commitment to my case were instrumental in achieving an optimal outcome. Her personal support throughout the ordeal was as equally appreciated. She is not only an expert litigator, she is also one of the very nicest and most compassionate people you could ever know, and her integrity and faithfulness to my cause were unceasing. She repeatedly gave me renewed hope whenever I started feeling frightened or defeated, and I not only felt that I had an exemplary lawyer supporting me, I also felt that I had a real and trusted friend who cared deeply and sincerely about my welfare. Someone like Alison, who can see us in our most vulnerable and fragile states and continue to provide encouragement all along the way, is alone worth her weight in gold. Legal issues are frequently not merely technical; they often carry some deep and painful corresponding emotions. Alison was the cure for both, a reliable and trusted captain steering us both capably through the dark and stormy legal waters.

I would recommend this woman to anyone and everyone. She is a shining star, and will most likely be your lucky star.

- (5 star review)

I became a citizen 10 days ago thanks to Alison.

Alison accepted my citizenship case after I had submitted the form 400. My case was kind of tricky because I had 2 long stays out of the US, and I was pretty much worried that my case got rejected. Meeting with Alison was kind of relief for me.

She was by my side for all the journey I had with her great ideas. she helped me to put together some documentation and was present in my interview session.
I recommend Alison if you have an immigration case and need a good support!

- (5 star review)


Alison, thank you so much for being the angel I was looking for. In December 2014 I hired a different attorney and started the process of my citizenship. A few months after my interview I received a letter saying my citizenship was denied. The denial was because an error in one of the documents which the attorney didn’t catch. The attorney told me there was nothing left to be done and all I could do is renew my Green Card. The attorney even said I was never going to be able to be a citizen unless the laws would change.

I was devastated, I cried almost everyday, I couldn’t eat/ sleep. I had one month to figure things out because I was not going to sit down with my arms crossed even though the attorney said I had no chance. I contacted many lawyers/attorneys and to be honest none of them were able to give me a concrete answer. Luckily, I found Alison’s office information randomly searching online. She had great reviews, so I sent her an email. I met her two days after in person and she was indeed the angel I was looking for. She said I had good chances to appeal and become a US citizen if I was able to prove with the correct documents that it was an error.

I hired Alison right away and she started the process of my appeal. She was great at getting back to me via email and phone. She was even working on July 4th to make sure everything was submitted in time since I had little time before the denial decision was final.

I became US citizen a week ago and I couldn’t be happier and more thankful. Thank you very much, Alison. I highly recommend Alison as an attorney especially if you have troubles with your application.

- (5 star review)

Thank you Alison for not giving up on my case!

If you’re looking for a lawyer who’s outstanding, knowledgable with great work ethic, I’d highly recommend Alison. Among many lawyers I had consulted regarding my complicated naturalization case, ONLY Alison told me not to give up, and ONLY Alison went out of her way to find out the correct answer for my case. On top of that, beyond my imagination, she did not ask me to pay for her time & efforts, which you must know is a rare thing in this immigration “world”. I am incredibly grateful to Alison for saving my citizenship application. My oath ceremony wouldn’t have happened without her help.

Thanks again Alison!

- (5 star review)

Excellent Immigration Attorney

I hired Alison 9 months before my permanent resident card was about to expire to help me become a naturalized citizen. She was great to work with every step of the way from the time we first met to discuss my history in the country through the interview. I would highly recommend hiring Alison if you have any doubts or concerns in applying for citizenship, she was very knowledgable and seemed to have experience with any question I had for her. During the interview at the immigration offices she was able interject on certain areas which I believe had a huge benefit. Overall I give Alison 5 stars!

- (5 star review)

Thorough and efficient

I hired Alison to process my green card application. She was very through. She asked me a bunch of documents, which took 2 weeks to prepare, but the result was that I had my green card in 3.5 months. I gave her my application on 15th Feb, and had my green card on Jun 7.

She reviewed and made sure all the required documents were there, and correct the first time around. We went with the one step application, so everything was submitted togather.

I know of people who self filed, and took significantly longer to have their applications processed. Her efficiency, thoroughness and professionalism impressed me.

I will use her again if the need arises. I already trust her judgment to ask for referrals for legal matters which she does not deal in.


The stars were in our favor

I was tired of all the misinformation I was getting from different people about immigration rights and such. I went online and told my story. The stars were in my favor. Alison Yew got my message and helped me and my husband of 19 yrs finally get his work permit and we are now working on his green card. Alison is great and very easy to talk to; she is very compassionate and the best Lawyer anyone could ask for. I would give her 10 stars if it was possible. I would recommend her to anyone having problems with immigration. When it was time to go to the Immigration office for our appt, Alison went with us. I felt it was like going into combat and I had the best weapon available in the world. It was Alison Yew. She is the best Lawyer and friend anyone could ask for. Thank You.

- (5 star review)

Perfect Professional

Alison is a perfect professional. She tries to understand your problem by spending enough time with you, and then provides her legal opinion. Her knowledge and experience on Immigration issues is commendable. She ensures that if you are eligible, she will get your job done. She is both fast and perfect. I would definitely recommend her !!

- (5 star review)


Alison is as thorough and knowledgeable as she is passionate about helping people on immigration matters, and she is passionate! The service she provides is PRICELESS!

- (5 star review)

Patient and Explains Problems in Detail

My husband and I turned to Alison for legal advice. Her knowledge on situations like ours gave us peace of mind! She is patient and explain problems to us in details.  Also, another good thing is that she can easy to reach by phone, email or even text!

- (5 star review)

Thank you Alison!

Dealing with Immigration issues and applications can be confusing and intimidating.  Alison is a true professional that’s easy to talk to and diligent in getting answers for you and communicating in a way that is easy to understand.  She really takes the time to understand your needs and serves you accordingly.  She never makes you feel like you’re being rushed thru the process

- (5 star review)

Very Knowledgeable

I’ve worked with multiple lawyers for immigration issues. Alison is by far the best. I transferred my case to her because my previous lawyer refused to work with my ‘futile case’. I gathered all my documents from him to find them filled with erroneous information. I paid him to work on my case and which he refused to finish, so I simply wasted my time and money.

Fortunately, Alison promptly took my case and within a few weeks, we had turned in the final application when the other lawyer said it was futile. She is a magician. She is very knowledgeable and works extremely quickly, so be prepared to keep up with her!

Even after she was done with my case, she kept me updated with important dates and new laws that pertained to my situation. She has a genuine desire to help people. I am very grateful to have met her, and would recommend her to anyone!

- (5 star review)


If we could give Alison 10 Stars, we definitely would! We recommend her to anyone looking for someone who can get the job done.

She is incredibly professional, passionate about what she does, she went the extra mile to make sure everything got done, she got back to us quickly whenever we called or sent her a message, she reminded us of things that we needed to get done, all in all – we don’t know what we would have done without her.

As my husband and I were talking about the way Alison works, we said that we haven’t seen someone working with such excellence in a long time.

- (5 star review)

Topnotch Lawyer

Alison was very helpful and reassuring. She helped me with my naturalization application. She was very patient during whole process of my application. I called her up many times and she would respond promptly even if it was after office hours. She’s very professional.

- (5 star review)

Great Immigration Lawyer for Spouses of Arabs

I first used Alison Yew’s services when my husband and I were living overseas, before we applied for an immigrant visa for him. She provided us with invaluable advice on the legal aspects of inheritance and how he would be able to get a hold of my assets in the United States should I die, when he did not yet have residency in the United States.

She also advised us while we were going through the immigration process and thanks to her sound advice on filling out and putting together the application package, his IR-1 visa was issued by the U.S. embassy in Egypt only 2 months to the day from when we applied. For anyone familiar with the painfully long waits that spouses can endure at embassies in Arab countries, this is extremely fast.

He also sailed through his citizenship interview 3.5 years later thanks to Alison’s counsel and is now a proud American citizen.

If you hire Alison as your immigration lawyer, I think like us, you’ll find her advice to be clear, concise and delivered with a sense of personal understanding of the situation you are going through.

- (5 star review)

Honest, efficient, very straight forward, most important!

Alison helped me a lot, she is very knowledgeable, from immigration law to business law. She go knows exactly what she is doing. She helped me with writing business agreement, sales contract. most important, she saved my business from an vexatious litigant, who wasted me and my company a lot of my money and time. I called other victims, and none of their lawyer actually can make judge grand the motion to make this guy a vexatious litigant. which means, this loser (he doesn’t have money, so he got all fees waived and he sued 20+ companies randomly) can keep wasting our time and money until someone like Alison stopped him. thank you! Alison.

- (5 star review)


Very knowledgable, honest about the outcome of my case. If it’s something she doesn’t know, she will try to find the most responsible answer.

- (5 star review)


Alison is awesome! She is fabulous to work with! If you need a professional and competent immigration attorney to represent you, and assist you going through the painful administrative processes inside Homeland Security, it gotta be Alison Yew!

Alison is very knowledgeable about immigration laws and USCIS administrative procedures. I am having so much concern over recent petition for my Green Card application, she not only able to address all my concerns, but also able to provide creative strategic solution to my case. She is very responsible for all her engaged obligations, responsive to all my emails/calls, attentive to every details of my case; I never felt uncomfortable asking any questions throughout the process, and there are absolutely no hidden charges, I highly recommend Alison Yew for any of your immigration matters, call her for legal advises now!

- (5 star review)