Consultation Fee and Policy

We are often asked if initial consultations are free.  The answer is not that simple, and this depends on whether what you seek is really an initial consultation or you need or seek specific legal advice and/or direction.

At our discretion, we will provide first free/short evaluation on the telephone or by email, to determine generally what issues you face and whether we can help.   For us to provide you with a thorough evaluation based on your specific circumstance and needs, an office consultation is advisable so we can do a thorough intake.  A consultation in this case is a flat charge of $200, and we can take up to one hour.  If you retain our services at the conclusion of the consultation, the consultation fee is applied toward the legal service fee, which is quoted to you at the end of the consultation.  From our experience, our clients are happy with this arrangement, as, at the end of the consultation, you will be armed with information upon which you may make important immigration decisions for yourself or your family member(s).

Contact our office today at (408) 389-8930 or click this link to schedule a consultation with Alison Yew.