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Practice Areas and Services

When it comes to your immigration status, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. The road to U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residence is a complex one, and you need an experienced immigration lawyer with exceptional skill and compassion to advocate for your interests before U.S. immigration authorities.

The San Jose immigration lawyers at the Law Office of Alison Yew has successfully represented and advised individuals with various immigration needs.  If your immigration status is on the line, contact our law firm today for an initial consultation or complimentary case evaluation. Our San Jose immigration attorneys are determined advocates, ready to work for the best possible outcome for your case.

We can assist you with the following types of immigration cases:

Employment-Based Green Card

Although they’re one of the most common ways to gain legal permanent status in the U.S., employment-based green cards are challenging to obtain. Whether you’re a foreign national investing in a commercial enterprise, or a business owner petitioning an individual for employment, you would benefit from retaining our San Jose immigration lawyers to handle your business immigrant needs, including but not limited to the following:

Non-Immigrant Work/ Employment/ Student Status

A non-immigrant visa or non-immigrant status enables a foreign worker to enter the U.S. for a finite period of time for a specific type of employment.  Such visas or statuses are normally tied to the specific employer and for the specific job for which the visa or status was granted. Other temporary/non-immigrant visas are to students, tourists, or business visitors for certain types of non-employment business matters (e.g., attending meetings, signing contracts, presenting or attending conferences). Some of the common non-immigrant visas are:

Family-Based Immigration

Our San Jose immigration lawyers take great pride in our ability to help reunite families. If you are already a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, you may sponsor your spouse, immediate relatives, and other family members through the following family-based immigrant visas:

Citizenship/ Naturalization

If you are already a green card holder and you meet the requirements for naturalization, then obtaining U.S. citizenship is something you must consider. Being a U.S. citizen comes with great benefits, including the right to vote. U.S. citizens also possess one of the world’s most powerful passports, allowing them to visit over 150 countries without applying for a visa. Make sure to contact a San Jose immigration lawyer to help you with your naturalization application.

Other Related Immigration Services

  • Asylum
  • Consular Processing
  • Change/Extension of Status
  • Department of Labor Prevailing Wage
  • Waivers
  • Re-entry permits
  • Advance Parole
  • Work Permits
  • DACAs
  • F-1 Student Visa (includes information for M-1 Student Visa)
  • J-1 2-year home residency requirement waivers
  • Adjustment of Status
  • I-9 Compliance

To learn more about your immigration options or to schedule a complimentary case evaluation, contact our San Jose immigration lawyers today.